Join the award winning, fast paced, body weight bootcamp class that promises to keep your heart rate high and help you get Diamond Cut!

Why Diamond Cut Bootcamp? Not looking to start up in regular CrossFit Classes or not interested in heavy weightlifting? Our Diamond Cut class is the perfect option for you. The classes are 45min of high energy warm-up, workout and cool downs. We won’t be using barbells or heavy weight, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a great workout. We’ll use your body and other objects like tires and sleds to help burn your way to your fitness goals.


As your Diamond Cut Coach, we program workouts that will use every part of your body! I’ll keep you sweating and dedicate every minute of class to help you reach your fitness goals. I’m a passionate trainer that has seen SO MANY success stories from members who have joined my program, and hope to meet you soon!

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  • Guaranteed Small Group Training

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