Do you want to Run Faster?

Why Personal Training? You have a specific goal in mind and you want the most experienced fitness coach to help you get there. You’re going to train with the best in Delaware, you’ll push yourself to new heights and you’ll have fun getting the in best shape of your life.

“Amanda (pictured) came to me with minimal experience in any sort of weight training or CrossFit coaching, but in 4 short weeks she has made a complete transformation! With 4 days a week of personal training sessions and following a nutrition plan that fits her lifestyle, she has totally crushed her goals and I know she’s capable of so much more. So proud of you, girl! Keep up the great work!” – Coach Gia

Free Consultation Includes:

Goal Setting

Body Measurements

Intro to Nutrition

Plan of Action and Scheduling

One Session

  • One on One Personal Training
  • Certified Coach
  • Fully Equipped CrossFit Facility

“Carbs are your friends! This program made my quality of life soar! I got to eat tons of food and I felt amazing, happy and had tons of energy throughout the day. Also I think a major factor was the solid 8.3 hours of sleep I averaged throughout the program. Thanks Gia O’Keefe!!!” – Hyrum

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“New Year, New You” is the popular term being tossed around as 2017 jumped right into everyone’s lap. A new year means a fresh start, new goals, new aspirations. As a fitness professional, it is a happening time and a great opportunity to help as many clients, new and old, pave their way to a healthier lifestyle. A common question or concern among novice gym-goers is” — Read More